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Bachelor of Science in Allied Health Science

Requirements for a Major in Allied Health Sciences

The Allied Health Sciences degree requires a minimum of 120 credits and includes general education, specific AHS degree courses, and a minor or emphasis. Once students declare an Allied Health Sciences major, typically during their sophomore year, they will be assigned a major academic advisor who will assist in selecting the educational program and minor that best meets their career goals. An approved internship is strongly recommended for students not planning to attend graduate school.


B.S. in Allied Health Sciences major core courses (41 credits):

Required for all AHS majors except SLP emphasis students (11 credits):

AHS Electives for students who do not select an emphasis in the major:

  • 21 credits for minor selected with an advisor.

B.S. Degree Cognate Requirements:

AHS 190 - Explorations in Health Care

This is an elective course designed for freshman or sophomore students wishing to explore potential health care career options. Students who elect to take AHS 190 should take it concurrently with AHS 110.

In order to graduate with a B.S. in Allied Health Sciences, each student is required to select either an emphasis in the AHS program or a minor. The following minors are popular choices among Allied Health Sciences students: Aging and Adult Life, Biology, Business, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Spanish, and Women & Gender Studies. Please be sure to contact the minor department and meet with an advisor to create your minor plan.