Upcoming 2013 Events


Prototype Accelerator Initiative

August 8th-13th, 2013

Izzy +

November 2013

Market Entry Planning

March 2014

Innovation Workshop

May 2014




Applied Global Innovation Initiative

You get:

Adventurous trip to Nicaragua

New professional challenges

To experience the base of the economic pyramid

Experienced leadership team


A life changing chance to:

Help others learn the new product process

Stretch your mind and body in new ways

Make new friends in a new culture

Experience a multicultural, multilingual group

Watching those you work with see things in new ways.


Bring home coffee from a country that grows it, hand rolled cigars, and memories for a lifetime.


    What it cost?

One short week of your life

Your airfare to Managua (Use your air miles?)

Your share in the cost of the  May 2014 program $1000


For more information contact:

Dr. Paul Lane







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