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Decided - Who is my advisor


Who is my advisor?

Where is my advisor located? 

A student may have several advisors depending on their particular circumstances: a faculty advisor in each major, a faculty member in each minor, an athletic advisor, a pre-professional program advisor, a support program advisor, an advising center, etc. You are encouraged to make use of all the advisors that are available to you.

If you declared your major, you received an email confirmation of your advisor assignment. This is the person in the academic department that can best assist you. 

To look up this information:

1.  Log in to MyBanner
2.  Click on Student and Financial Aid tab
3.  Select Student Records
4.  Select View Major and Advisor Information

If you have not declared your major, but have decided upon one, you are encouraged to officially declare your major.  This allows you to receive the information you need for that major and to be assigned an advisor.  Please declare your major online by following the first three steps listed above and then for the fourth step Select Change Major.

You are also free to talk to faculty or advising centers related to majors or minors that you are simply interested in exploring.  The more you ask, the more you'll know.

Comments or Questions regarding this Website should be directed to the GVSU Advising Council


Page last modified October 5, 2011