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Top 10 Things to Know

10.The library has a variety of off-campus and distance learning services.

Need to access the library from home or work? Check out their off-campus and distance learning services!  You can search databases, request materials to be sent to your home and even chat with a librarian.

9. Nontraditional students can study abroad.

The Padnos International Center helps students and families study abroad and counsels non-traditional students on appropriate programs for their majors, financial constraints, and timelines. Check out their website for more information on studying abroad as an nontraditional student.

8. GVSU students ride the Rapid for free!

Want to save money on gas and parking? Transportation between and within the Pew Grand Rapids Campus and the Allendale Campus is easy, free, and convenient with the variety of transit service options.

7. The Writing Center has online services.

Interested in working with the Writing Center, but don't have time to make it to campus? You can get your grammar, documentation, and punctuation questions answered online!

6. Part-time student parking permits are available.

Full-time and part-time student parking rates are set each year. Part time and commuter students should review the parking FAQs for information on enforced hours, temporary passes, and more.  

5. There's a student organization for you. 

The Office of Student Life has approximately 250+ registered student organizations focused on a variety of topics including academics, faith, service/advocacy, parenting, Greek life, athletics, and more. Browse the list and find one that interests you! 

4. The Rec Center has discounted memberships for families of GVSU students.

All students can utilize the Rec Center and programs for free! Family memberships are also available.

3. All GVSU students have access to academic advising.

Academic advising helps you navigate your way through your academic career. Take advantage of this important service! To learn more about advising at GVSU, check out the academic advising website and click on undergraduate students.

2. You're not alone!

Approximately 22% of GVSU's undergraduates are considered "adult learners" or "nontraditional students". This means that nearly one in four students at GVSU meet one or more of the following criteria: over 24 years old, financially independent, attend school part time, have children, or are veterans.

1. You're a Laker!

Be sure to get your student ID card from any of the university student services location and take advantage of the many discounts available to you on campus and in the community.