President's Cabinet

Jesse Bernal

Jesse M. Bernal*

Vice President for Inclusion and Equity

Inclusion and Equity
4035 James H. Zumberge Hall

Inclusion and Equity website:

Affirmative Action website:

Lynn Blue

Lynn M. Blue*

Vice President for Enrollment Development

Enrollment Development
4035 James H. Zumberge Hall

Enrollment Development website:

Tom Butcher

Thomas A. Butcher*

Vice President and General Counsel

Legal, Compliance and Risk Management
4068 James H. Zumberge Hall

Legal, Compliance and Risk Management Office website:

Brian Copeland

Brian Copeland

Associate Vice President for Business and Finance
Treasurer, Board of Trustees

Business and Finance
2056 James H. Zumberge Hall

Business and Finance website:

Gayle Davis

Gayle R. Davis*

Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs

Office of the Provost
3105 James H. Zumberge Hall

Provost website:

President Haas

Thomas J. Haas*


Office of the President
3035 James H. Zumberge Hall

Office of the President website:

Teri Losey

Teri L. Losey*

Executive Associate to the President
Secretary, Board of Trustees

Office of the President
3039 James H. Zumberge Hall

Office of the President website:

Karen Loth

Karen M. Loth*

Vice President for University Development

University Development
914 L.V. Eberhard Center

University Development website:

Matt McLogan

Matthew E. McLogan*

Vice President for University Relations

University Relations
3080 James H. Zumberge Hall

University Relations web site:

James Moyer

James Moyer

Associate Vice President for Facilities Planning

Facilities Planning
201 Robert Kleiner Commons

Facilities Planning website:

Scott Richardson

Scott Richardson*

Acting Vice President for Finance and Administration

Finance and Administration
3080 James H. Zumberge Hall

Finance and Administration website:


Associate Vice President for Human Resources

Human Resources 
1090 James H. Zumberge Hall

Human Resources website:

Eileen Sullivan

Eileen Sullivan

Vice Provost for Student Affairs and Dean of Students 

Dean of Students 
202 Student Services Building

Dean of Students website:

*Denotes Executive Officers of the University

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