Ch. 5 Student Affairs

Division of Student Services

1. The Division of Student Services provides services, programs, and environments that enhance the personal, social, and intellectual lives of students. The Division is dedicated to the belief that positive growth and development of students occurs best when in-class and out-of-class experiences are harmonious. The Division strives to provide assistance to students and faculty that will foster the development of meaningful relationships between students and faculty. The Division is organized to provide necessary support and facilities for students which enable them to live, learn, and become mature, self-directed and responsible members of the campus community and society.

2. The Dean of Students

The purpose of the Dean of Student's Office is to provide leadership and supervision for divisional staff and programs; serve as an information resource and problem solving center for students and faculty; serve as an advocate for student concerns; provide support services for international and returning adult students; coordinate the campus judicial system; and represent the division to constituencies inside and outside of the institution.

A. Counseling and Career Development

The purpose of the Counseling & Career Development Center is to provide counseling services to students through individual and/or group interactions that are responsive to student needs. The Center offers support for students in the areas of career planning, personal development, social adjustment, and academic skills development.

B. Orientation

Based upon the premise that the transition from high school or community college into Grand Valley State University is an on-going developmental process, orientation services affecting new students from the point of admissions through at least their first term at Grand Valley shall be provided. Coordination of Grand Valley information flow, individual new-student needs assessment, liaison with the university divisions, coordination of academic advising, and orientation programs are considered to be essential elements of the Grand Valley orientation program.

C. Career Services

The purpose of the Career Services Office is to provide direction to students through internship/cooperative education experiences, simulated interviews, networking systems, career events, on-campus recruiting and employment library resources. Graduating students and alumni are offered additional support through individualized attention concerning job search techniques. Faculty are assisted through information on employer perceptions and employment data trends. Employers are assisted with their staffing needs through career fair opportunities, on-campus interviews, and an electronic resume referral and telephone job hotline.

D. Health Services

Health services, staffed by medically-trained personnel, provide preventive, comprehensive health care for limited ambulatory students. Students are encouraged to assume responsibility for effective health care practices. Preventive services such as immunization or allergy desensitization programs shall be offered along with medication for minor ills and special emergency treatment. Special clinics should provide special services for students.

E. Student Activities and Organizations The purpose of the Student Life office is to enhance student development through involvement in diverse experiences. Staff works closely with student organizations and campus departments to create an environment which provides opportunities for students to get involved. Students learn and develop their leadership and personal skills through "hand on" experiences.

The Student Senate approves student organization registration with administrative approval. Organizations must comply with all federal, state, and local laws as well as Grand Valley State University policies and regulations. A current list is maintained of registered organizations, including a statement of purpose and the current officers and faculty or staff representative. Student organizations are advised in areas such as activities, programming, financial records, university policies, regulations, and procedures.

F. Student Newspaper

Grand Valley State University supports the concept of a forum through which students are able to communicate with each other as well as to faculty, staff, and administration. The student publication should be responsible for insuring that balanced representation of views on crucial issues is accorded all interested parties. It is the responsibility of the student publication to be governed by the canons of responsible journalism, such as the avoidance of libel, obscenity, statements which substantially and materially disrupt or interfere with the rights of others, undocumented allegations, attack on personal integrity, and the techniques of harassment and innuendo.

It is the responsibility of the student publication to verify the accuracy of all printed matter and to recognize that each publication will be subject to the legal exigencies that may arise from the improper reporting of news.

The editor is responsible for publishing the student newspaper in accordance with the guidelines of the Newspaper Board which are attached as Appendix A of this chapterand the Student Freedoms and Responsibilities section of the Student Code.

G. Student Government

Grand Valley State University encourages an effective and efficient form of student government which will provide for discussion and resolution of student problems, concerns, and ideas, and to provide leadership for an inspiring and rewarding student life on campus. The student governance constitution is approved by the president upon recommendation of the appropriate student services administrator. The Student Activities Allocation as dispersed by student governance, is subject to the authority of the Board of Trustees through the administrative officers of the university.

H. Housing and Residence Life

The purpose of the Housing and Residential Life Office is to manage the university's on-campus residential area in a manner that creates a quality living/learning environment for students. The housing staff provides supervision and support for the student residential community that encourages involvement in academic and human development experience, responsible behavior, respect for individual differences, and development of interpersonal relationships. In addition, when space permits, housing should be available to official guests of the university.

I. University Judicial System

Institutional standards of conduct have been developed to maintain conditions under which individuals, with respect for the rights and well-being of others, can participate effectively in a common educational enterprise in a well-ordered collegiate community. Responsibility for the maintenance of an orderly institution must be shared by all members of the campus community. Representative students, faculty, and administrators serve on two judicial bodies. The Grand Valley State University Judiciary system is based on the principle that due process of law will be observed in each case, which includes the guarantee of an extensive appeal process. The Student Code, which contains the rules, regulations, and judicial process of the institution, is approved by the president upon recommendation of the appropriate student services administrator.

J. Health, Recreation, Intramurals, and Wellness

Recreational and intramural activities are designed to provide meaningful, constructive leisure time activities for men, women, and co-ed participation. The informal program shall provide varied opportunities for individuals to participate in self-directed recreation activities. Participation in these informal activities require neither team affiliation nor the commitment resulting from structured or scheduled play. The formal portion is coordinated through the intramural program which provides a more competitive structure. The Wellness component provides educational programs to students that promote healthy lifestyles.

K. Retention of Students

The student services units, and appropriate administrators, have additional responsibility for the coordination of the university's retention efforts. On a periodic basis, the President and Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs shall review the retention efforts and graduation rates and evaluate whether any action should be taken.


Appendix A

A. Purpose

The purpose of the Newspaper Advisory Board (NAB) is to insure the continuity of the Grand Valley State University student newspaper, The Lanthorn; to provide for adequate and capable staffing of the newspaper; to establish newspaper policies; to periodically review the newspaper for quality and ethics; as well as to defend the freedom of the press.

B. Membership

The Board shall consist of twelve (12) members:

1. One faculty member from each of the divisions of Arts and Humanities, Science and Mathematics, Social Sciences, and Seidman School of Business, and one faculty member from the combined faculties of the Schools of Education, Nursing, and Social Work selected from one of the schools according to a schedule of rotation to be established by ECS.

2. Four students (3 selected by the Student Senate; 1 Lanthorn staff member elected by the Lanthorn staff.)

3. The Dean of Students or designate.

4. The Editor of The Lanthorn, ex officio (non-voting).

5. The Lanthorn Faculty Advisor, ex officio (non-voting).

Faculty and student representation to the Newspaper Advisory Board shall be elected annually with no member serving more than three (3) consecutive 2-year terms. Five (5) voting members of the NAB shall constitute a quorum for transacting business.

The All University Faculty Governance Structure and the All-University Student Governance Structure are charged with the election of Board members which are, as fully as possible, representative of a cross section of the entire GVSU community.

C. Powers and Duties of the Board

The Board shall elect from its voting membership a chairperson, a secretary, and such officers as it may from time to time determine necessary. Only voting members are eligible to hold office in the NAB. The Board shall have power to direct what statement shall be included in each issue respecting the nature of the publication and its relation to the institution. The Faculty Advisor, the Editor, and the Business Manager shall be appointed by a majority vote of the Newspaper Advisory Board.

The Board shall have the power to appoint and to remove the Editor, Business Manager, and the Faculty Advisor for cause. A majority vote of the total membership shall be required to appoint and to remove the Editor, Business Manager, and the Faculty Advisor.

D. The Editor, Business Manager and Faculty Advisor

The Editor shall be responsible for assuring a balanced report of GVSU activities and concerns, maintaining quality journalistic practices, ensuring the paper's compliance with the Society of Professional Journalists, Sigma Delta Chi Code of Ethics, editing the publication, maintaining the publication schedule, supervising the copy, and directing (with the staff) the editorial policy of the paper. The Editor must be a currently registered student with at least 9 undergraduate credits and a minimum 2.0 GPA during the term of office.

The Business Manager shall be responsible for maintaining a financial record for the publication, supervising the sale of advertisements, and informing the Board and Editor of the financial status of the publication, quarterly. The Business Manager must be a currently registered student with at least 9 undergraduate credits and a minimum 2.0 GPA during the term of office.

The Faculty Advisor shall have signature authority over The Lanthorn accounts and shall monitor and be accountable for all expenditures for student wages, supplies, and other expenses. He/she shall serve as a professional support person to maintain and/or improve the quality of the paper. The Faculty Advisor shall hold a minimum of one (1) journalism seminar per semester for the newspaper staff. The Advisor shall also act as liaison between the newspaper and the university community, promoting the newspaper's interests with faculty, staff and administration.

The Editor, Business Manager, and Faculty Advisor may be removed for noncompliance with stated duties. The Editor, Business Manager and/or Faculty Advisor must be informed of the charges against him/her and must be allowed to testify in his/her own behalf.

E. Authority of the Grand Valley State University Board of Trustees

The NAB reports to the Provost or his/her designee, who in turn reports to the Board of Trustees which has paramount authority.

F. Rules

Robert's Rules of Order, Revised, shall govern all proceedings except when they are inconsistent with rules established in these guidelines.

The Board shall meet:

1. At regularly established times--established each semester by a majority vote of the Board at its first meeting.

2. At the chairperson's request.

3. Within one (1) week of the chairperson's receipt of a petition requesting a meeting signed by three (3) members of the Board.

Two (2) consecutive absences may result in removal from the NAB.

Vacancies created by removal of Board members will be filled from an existing nomination list, where possible. Where no nominees are listed, nominations will be solicited from the appropriate governance structure.

All members must be notified at least three (3) days prior to each meeting.

G. Amendments

This document may be amended only by a two-thirds vote of the Newspaper Advisory Board, subject to the approval of the appropriate governance structure and the University Board of Trustees.

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