ACES - Alcohol Campus Education Services

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ACE Group

This three-hour educational meeting is a requirement for GVSU students who have violated that GVSU alcohol policy. Those referred through other services may attend as well. However, there are no guarantees that this one-time meeting will satisfy other services' requirements. Students can get a letter after the class which explains what was covered, and submit it to their referral service for review.

Contact Sue Brunell, Office of Housing (616-331-2120) to sign up for a meeting

Individual Alcohol Assessment

Students who violate the GVSU alcohol policy a second time are required to do this one-hour assessment. It may also be provided to students, at their request, when needed to fulfill a court order.

Contact Sharon Mills, Counseling and Career Development Center (616-331-3266) to schedule an assessment. The court ordered assessment costs $100.

MIP 2 Group

This 5-week group is required by courts/probation officers when students receive a second MIP. The one and a half hour weekly meetings are held on the Allendale campus and presented by Holland Hospital.

The cost is $125 ($25 per meeting). Contact Sharon Mills, Counseling and Career Development Center (616-331-3266), to register.

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