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GVSU provides welcoming environment [AUDIO]

Four years ago, Lisa and Greg Kulesza weren't very familiar with Grand Valley. Today, the Warren couple serves as parent ambassadors and gladly tout the university's successes, beginning with their son Justin.

Justin graduated in May with a bachelor's degree in computing and information systems. The Monday following graduation, he began working at a Grand Rapids computer software company.

"Our experience with Grand Valley was everything a parent could hope for," Lisa Kulesza said. The Kuleszas' middle child, Jennifer, is currently a sophomore at Grand Valley majoring in health professions.

Kulesza said her family was impressed with Grand Valley from their initial visit. "During Justin's tour, one of the counselors arranged for him to talk with someone from the computer department about what classes and programs were offered," she said.

Lisa and Greg Kulesza serve on Grand Valley's Family Association Advisory Committee. The association connects parents and families of students to Grand Valley by offering communications, volunteer activities and resources.

"Everyone at Grand Valley has made us feel so welcome as parents, every step of the way from orientation to Family Weekend. It's been a great experience," Kulesza said.


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Greg and Lisa Kulesza are pictured with their son, Justin, a 2010 Grand Valley graduate. The Kuleszas serve as parent ambassadors through Grand Valley's Family Association.


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