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Student launches successful business [VIDEO]

Grand Valley student Ross Timyan took a modest high school side job and has turned it into a thriving auto detailing business, thanks in part so some know-how he learned in Seidman College of Business.

Timyan, 21, is owner of Crystal Clean Auto Detailing, which has 30 employees. The company details 500-600 cars per month — including cars for 21 used car dealerships. "Our main goal is to bring cars back to as close to new as possible," Timyan said.

The company got its start when Timyan was 15. He had a burgeoning eBay business, and he had the opportunity to sell a couple of cars for family friends. "I spent days cleaning the cars to make them look as good as possible," Timyan said.

Thanks to his hard work, he pocketed $1,000 on that first deal, and he was hooked. "I thought, `This is great!' It led me to learn how to clean cars better," Timyan said.

Over the course of high school, Timyan sold 30 cars and developed a detailing clientele of more than 100 people. After his freshman year at Grand Valley, he opened up his first detailing shop. In February , the company moved for the second time — this time to a 35,000-square-foot former factory on Eastern Avenue between 32nd and 36th streets in Grand Rapids. Even though the facility is nearly 10 times bigger than his previous location, Timyan said "we pretty much use all of it."

By the time he came to Grand Valley, Timyan already had a good idea that he wanted to focus on his business. But he said the skills he has learned at Grand Valley helped him make it a reality. In particular, he credits one entrepreneurship course in Seidman College of Business that helped him develop his business plan.

"I took that class as a way to develop my idea," he said. "It really opened up a lot of opportunities for me."


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