The principles of truth and honesty are recognized as fundamental to a community of teachers and scholars.  Students who act ethically in their coursework are more likely to act ethically in their professions.  Faculty members have a responsibility to take part in the assurance of Academic Integrity.  Academic Integrity entails a myriad of issues; making collaboration and discussion between faculty and students vital.  The issue is central to Grand Valley's vision, mission, and values.

Grand Valley's Academic Integrity Committee invites all interested parties to attend an Academic Integrity Forum.  The fora are intended to initiate a dialogue at Grand Valley and to share information examining and exploring issues concerning Academic Integrity.   

We encourage you to visit Academic Integrity Message Board and engage in discussion on a variety of Academic Integrity Issues.  Here you will have the opportunity to express comments and concerns in an anonymous arena.





Last Modified Date: January 21, 2010
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