Business, Full-Time Integrated M.B.A. (FIMBA)

  • Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

The full-time integrated M.B.A. (FIMBA) targets recent graduates looking to jump-start their careers. It provides a holistic view of the business organization through an integrated curriculum and a real-world business fellowship.


The FIMBA program is a degree of breadth and includes a prescribed and integrated curriculum. The program begins one summer semester and concludes the following summer semester. To prepare for the program prerequisites in accounting, statistics, finance, law and economics are required. Students may have completed undergraduate coursework that fulfills some or all of these requirements. The program consists of 42 credit hours, including the following:

  • Foundation courses in quantitative methods, financial modeling, and integrated business processes
  • An integrated operating core
  • Paid business fellowship
  • Courses in global strategy, business cycles, ethics, sustainability, and leadership
  • Study abroad (two weeks)
  • Study in Washington, D.C. (one week)

All costs, including travel, are included in a package of tuition and fees. Graduates will exit the program with an M.B.A. and valuable work and life experience.

Career Options

The FIMBA serves recent graduates who have little, or no work experience with a paid business fellowship and professional development, thereby making them more competitive in today's business world.

Why Study Business at Grand Valley?

  • Accredited. The Seidman College and its programs are fully accredited by the AACSB International, the premier business school accrediting organization.
  • Connected. Seidman faculty members consult actively with local and national companies. This dynamic exchange keeps students current and connected to the West Michigan business community.
  • Relevant. Students participate in an extensive business fellowship that bridges the experience gap for individuals who have not yet entered the work force or who have limited real-world experience.
  • Accessible. The Robert C. Pew Campus brings students to the heart of the business center of downtown Grand Rapids.

The FIMBA program is a great way to continue your education without stopping your professional growth. Plus, if you're concerned about surviving financially while going to school full-time, FIMBA takes care of that for you; you work at least 20 hours a week in a guaranteed paid fellowship with an established, successful West Michigan company. The program is intensive because you are going to school full-time and working part-time with a GVSU partner company, but it is well worth it.


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