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African/African American Studies

Header photos taken by: Dr. Sherry Johnson


In keeping with Grand Valley State University’s liberal education commitment, the African/African American Studies program administers an interdisciplinary minor whose goal is to academically prepare students for a better understanding of the variety and complexity of Africa, a deep appreciation of the African American experience and, more generally, an enriching knowledge of the various historical trajectories and contributions of the global African diaspora.

A minor in African/African American Studies is an ideal complement to many disciplinary majors. Two tracks or areas of emphasis are possible, allowing students to tailor the minor to their own interests and needs. Students can choose to minor either in track I (Africa) or in track II (African American).

Students minoring in African/African American Studies are encouraged to take full advantage of excellent study abroad opportunities available through GVSU partner institutions or COUNCIL programs. For more information, please consult the Padnos International Center or the program director. As a socially engaged discipline, African/African American studies, is committed to fostering social and civic engagement, particularly in Grand Rapids communities.

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